Class of 2023 Finds Adventure at Wilkes University: Five Things You Didn’t Know About Orientation

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As the second orientation session for first-year students draws near, the newest class of Colonels will begin their college adventure. First-year student orientation begins on Sunday, July 14 and concludes in the afternoon of July 15. Though orientation is full of exciting firsts for Wilkes University incoming students, it also takes a lot of planning behind the scenes. News@Wilkes set out to find out more about the campus-wide event.

261. That’s the number of students attending the event. The other half of the incoming class attended orientation on June 30 and July 1.

It takes an army.  Forty-eight mentors, seven coordinators, ten Blue Army members and one orientation director comprise the staff required to make orientation happen–not to mention the numerous campus support staff and faculty who assist.

Sunup to Sundown. The orientation crew puts in many hours to make the event happen. But the real fun begins at 7:30 a.m. Sunday as they greet incoming students. The mentor’s day doesn’t even end until 12 a.m. on Monday! Then it’s back to business at 7 a.m. for another full day of activities.

Choose Your Own Adventure. Students can expect to see the orientation theme, “Choose Your Own Adventure” incorporated at orientation from the t-shirt design to the passport students will receive to chart their orientation adventures.

Hypnotist, Bingo and Community Service—oh, my! First-year students will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with campus before classes begin. But they’ll also have time for fun. During orientation, students will get to experience their first Casino Night, play bingo, try out the rock wall, get hypnotized and give back to their soon-to-be community through civic engagement projects.

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