Orientation Team: Senior Abdul Almeky Guides First-Year Students As E-Mentor Coordinator

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Wilkes University senior Abdul Almeky guides first-year students as they begin their Wilkes journey as the e-mentor student coordinator for student orientation.

The neuroscience and biology major explains that helping others is what he feels most compelled to do. “I saw the mentor role as that and being hands on,” Almeky adds.

In his role as the e-mentor student coordinator, Almeky will work with e-mentors as they prepare to guide incoming students. E-mentors are student leaders on campus who have excelled in the collegiate lifestyle both academically and through extracurricular activities. E-Mentors are assigned to first-year students based on the students’ majors.  In the position, Almeky coordinates training sessions, contingency plans and build resources available at the University. 

As he and other members of the orientation team prepare for the occasion, Almeky adds that the students’ experience is what he looks forward to most. “And once they leave, seeing that they had a great time with smiles on their faces– but that they’re excited to come to Wilkes,” he adds, “It’ll take a lot of work but that’s the result we want to see.”

Almeky has his own experience with positive mentorship at Wilkes. During his freshman year, Almeky met students John Scalese ’17 and Margaret Galatioto ’17 who became great supporters in his academic career. “They honestly affected me in a great way,” he explains. “They were always smiling and helpful—very open and that opened me to speaking with them on a basis that made me feel comfortable.”

His peer mentors weren’t the only reason he felt a connection to Wilkes. A Shavertown, Pa., native, he knew he wanted to be in a close-knit community. His sister, Somiah Almeky ’16, was also a Wilkes grad and a helpful role model in his college decision. 

Once he was on campus, he had the opportunity to take classes with Deborah Tindell, professor of psychology, who helped him realize he wanted to study neuroscience.

Though being part of the orientation team is indeed a lot of work, Almeky is up to the task with the support of the Wilkes community. As a resident assistant, he is used to being a helping hand to students. Almeky also serves as the president of the Islamic Interest Society. During the semester, he is the International Engagement office’s work-study student. Almeky recently visited Panama with the group to work with Panamanian students and explain the programs offered at Wilkes.

That’s a lot to take on as well as completing course work but for Almeky, getting the chance to help others makes it worthwhile. “You never know when one good act or deed by you can change another person’s life,” he explains.

Looking ahead, Almeky plans to intern with the NeuroTraining and Research Center as he prepares for the Medical College Admission Test.  With the goal to become a doctor, Almeky has his plan for the future. 

“Everyone has their stories going through life,” he says, adding, “As long as you put in all your effort, that’s how your success is measured.”

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