Meet First-Year Students Devon and Cassidy Catrambone

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In its new series, “First Year Q&A,” News@Wilkes will highlight the journeys of first-year students. This week, we’ll highlight twin sisters Cassidy and Devon.

Meet Cassidy and Devon Catrambone

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Glenmoore, Pa.

On-campus Activities: Nursing Student Organization, Intramural soccer, competition cheer

Favorite Class: Microbiology

What sport do you both play? Competitive cheer

Why did you choose Wilkes?

We loved the campus, and felt right at home. We also loved the idea of small class sizes in such a challenging major.  The individual help given by professors was a major attraction for us.  We were used to connecting with our teachers in high school, and we wanted to make sure we had the same experience in college.

Cassidy left and Devon right.

Where do you both live on campus?

Devon: Roth

Cassidy: Catlin Hall

What’s it like going to college with your sister? Was it part of the plan to go to college together?

Going to college together was the best decision we have ever made. We have always been attached at the hip, had the same interests and desire to be nurses, so it was no surprise that we wanted to go to the same college.

What are your career goals?

Both of us would love to be nurses at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. We have always loved pediatrics and CHOP holds a special place in our hearts. Growing up we had a lot of health issues and the nurses were the ones who impacted us the most. We both knew at an early age that we wanted to be on the other side as a nurse, calming and caring for our patients and their families.

How has it been adjusting to college?

It definitely is easier to adjust to college with your best friend and sister right by your side. We have always been extremely close, so doing this process together made it a lot easier. It’s also been a lot of fun getting involved with things on campus and meeting new people. We have both made a lot of new friends which always makes starting something new much easier.

What don’t they tell you about coming to college that they should tell you?

Having an older brother go through the college process, we felt pretty prepared for what college was all about. Also, having been part of the Allied Health Program our senior year, it was ingrained in us how hard the nursing program would be, so we were ready.

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given about starting your college journey?

 Get involved in as much as possible on campus and try new things!

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