Meet First-Year Student Veronica Romanelli

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In its new series, “First Year Q&A” News@Wilkes will highlight the journeys of first-year students.

Meet Veronica Romanelli

Major: English with a concentration in literature and a minor in secondary education.

Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

On-Campus Activities: Staff writer for Inkwell Quarterly, the English department’s newsletter

Favorite class: “I would say it is Educational Psychology… It is really cool to be able to talk about how different situations and behaviors can be handled and then see if and how the teachers I am observing use the methods we discussed in class earlier in the week.”

Why did you choose Wilkes?

“I was already somewhat familiar with its classes and campus from participating in the Gateway Program during high school. I had all good experiences in the Gateway classes I took and I had Dr. (Mischelle) Anthony (associate professor and chair of English) as my advisor during my time in the program, so I had a good idea of what the English department was all about. My older sister graduated from Wilkes with an English degree in 2016, and she loved it, so I thought I would love it, too, and I do!”

Where do you live on campus?

“It is about a three-minute drive from my house to campus, so I live at home and commute.”

What are your career goals?

“I am currently minoring in secondary education, and I hope to be a high school English teacher. My ideal grades (to teach) would be 10th through 12th grade, but I would be happy teaching any grade on the secondary level.”

How has it been adjusting to college?

“Even though I had already taken just over 30 credits when the fall semester rolled around, I was really nervous to begin college as a full-time student. It is definitely not easy balancing school, a job, and a social life, but it is rewarding. The Gateway program definitely helped me get a feel for what classes at Wilkes would be like and I am incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to adjust in such a unique and immersive way.”

What don’t they tell you about coming to college that they should tell you?

“In high school, a lot of my teachers used to tell us that in college the professors are not going to care if their students fall behind…In my experience, that could not be any further from the truth. Each of my professors is always willing to help. If students have questions or concerns, all they need to do is reach out to their professors, and they will most likely get the help they need.”

What’s the best piece of advice that you’ve been given about starting your college journey?

“Not let other people sway my college decisions. It sounds like a simple piece of advice, but it really was beneficial for me. So many people have told me not to be a teacher because I will not make enough money, or not to stay in Wilkes-Barre…. In the end, only I know what is best for me and what will make me happy, and I am so glad I chose the major, minor and university that I did.”

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