Wilkes University Receives $400,000 Grant to Support Improvements to 116 South Main Street

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The grant will help Wilkes continue sidewalk and exterior improvements in downtown Wilkes-Barre.

Combined with Wilkes University resources, funding from the Multimodal Transportation Fund and the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation will help enhance the beauty, safety and connectivity of the outdoor area surrounding 116 South Main Street. Planned enhancements include a new curb and walkway, bike racks, lighting, landscaping and associated streetscape amenities to the front of the building as well as neighboring Grant Alley. 

Wilkes will invest approximately 30 percent of the total costs, estimated to be $200,000.

“These exterior enhancements will benefit the downtown as well as the Wilkes campus, creating an inviting space in the second block of South Main Street for residents, visitors and students alike,” said Wilkes President Greg Cant. “We would like to thank Gov. Shapiro and our entire legislative delegation, especially Sen. Marty Flynn and Wilkes alumnus Rep. Eddie Day Pashinski. We also want to thank Mayor George Brown for his ongoing support to Wilkes and the people of Wilkes-Barre.”

In 2022, Wilkes announced a multi-phase project designed to bring residents, students and customers to 116 South Main Street. In the immediate phase, Wilkes-Barre-based D&D Realty Group has leased the second, third and fourth floors from Wilkes to develop 36 high-end apartment units. Construction is currently underway. 

Though uses for the first-floor are still being explored, it is envisioned that Grant Alley will ultimately provide a complementary outdoor experience to academic and student opportunities that will be housed in the building. Private entities and retail businesses that enhance the Wilkes experience are also being considered. 

More about the project can be found here.

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