Meet the Farley Library Staff: Joan Ford ‘75

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Joan Ford ‘75

Library Technician, Library Acquisitions

E.S. Farley Library

1. What do you do as a technician and working in acquisitions in Farley Library?

I catalog new books for the library and help maintain the collection, purchase library supplies and prepare invoices for payment and do whatever I can to help a student who wanders in our office with a question.

2. How long have you worked at Wilkes?

Well, I have been at Wilkes a good part of my life. I worked as a student assistant at the Farley Library from 1971-75 graduated from Wilkes and became the evening circulation supervisor from 1975-1977. I left the area and moved back to the Wyoming Valley and returned once again to work at the Farley Library in 1986. This year is my 33rd year. (Note: Ford graduated from Wilkes with a degree in elementary education.)

3. You were here in the 1970s: Did you help in any clean-up in the library during the Agnes flood?

Not exactly. Since it was summer, not many students were on campus. We did, however, have a human chain to carry parts of the collection to the third floor.

4. What are some of the changes in the library since you have worked there?

In the past, the library had many cubicles used for individual studying on all three floors. I tend to see students using individual workstations instead which have computers available. Group study areas are also available and more comfortable study areas in general which makes the library a popular destination. We also have IT in the library who are available to help with any computer problems.

5. What are your favorite books?

Since all new books pass through my hands, many subject areas attract my interest. Biographies are my favorite category. We recently purchased “Ruth Bader Ginsburg: A Life.” I find biographies interesting and inspirational, especially for the people I admire.

6. What is your favorite place in the library?

My favorite places in the library are the special collection rooms: the Farley Room and the Admiral Stark Room which are on the first floor and the Gilbert McClintock Room and Polish Room, on the second floor. The first three rooms are dedicated to the founders of Wilkes and the Polish Room dedicated to a cultural heritage of the Wyoming Valley. All four rooms represent people who were dedicated to Wilkes and higher education. They are just a wonderful part of the Library.

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