Dogs of Wilkes: Behind the Desk in Kirby Hall With Chad Stanley and Bonita

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If you stop by Chad Stanley’s Kirby Hall office, you might be greeted by someone who isn’t a member of the Wilkes University English Department. Stanley, an associate professor of English, often brings his dog Bonita Rosa – her name means “beautiful rose” in Spanish – to his office on Mondays, the day he doesn’t teach classes. You’ll find her there hanging out behind his desk or ready to catch a yellow tennis ball brought along for her amusement.

Chad Stanley, associate professor of English, and Bonita enjoy the seating area on the second floor of Kirby Hall.

Bonita is a familiar sight in Kirby, where she has accompanied Stanley to Manuscript Society poetry readings and English Department picnics. Although he has never brought her to class, many Wilkes students have enjoyed petting the friendly dog with the large, expressive ears. When she’s happy and alert, her ears prick up like two exclamation points. When Bonita is in a low-key, demur mood, she folds them back against her head.

In the following Q&A, Stanley tells us more about his canine sidekick.

What is Bonita’s dog breed?

She is an Australian Cattle Dog mix that includes traces of Border Collie, German Shepherd and Rottweiler.

How old is Bonita?

Two years old. She was born around Thanksgiving 2016

How did you find your dog?

I saw her photo and description online at Big Fluffy Dog Rescue in spring 2017.

“I’m ready for my close-up, Professor Stanley.”

What is Bonita’s favorite spot on campus?

Kirby Hall! (Or walking anywhere)

What is your dog’s favorite thing when she comes to campus?

She loves running up the stairs in Kirby Hall to see if Deb Archavage (office assistant for Humanities and Global Cultures) is in her office. She just loves Deb.

What is your dog’s favorite treat? 

Milk Bones and chicken-flavored Benebone chew toys

What are Bonita’s favorite pastimes?

Walking, chasing tennis balls and lounging on the sofas.

Does Bonita “hang out” with you while you are painting? (Stanley is an accomplished painter and visual artist as well as a member of the English Department)

She observes – and sometimes she barks at paintings of dogs.

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