Douglass Day Transcribe-a-thon Recognizes Black History Month

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340. That is the number of documents processed in just two hours at Wilkes University during the Third Annual Douglass Day Transcribe-a-thon held on Tuesday. Feb. 15. Wilkes students, faculty and staff participated in the transcribing session which honors both Frederick Douglass Day and Black History Month.

This year the Wilkes community helped preserve the history of Colored Conventions, the longest-running 19th century campaign for Black civil rights. Of particular note are the women who were instrumental in the planning and organizing of such events.

Although famed abolitionist and black activist Frederick Douglass was born a slave and therefore did not know his true birthdate, he celebrated every year on Feb. 14, celebrated as Douglass Day. Wilkes celebrated Douglass through the transcription event on Feb. 15.

Assistant history professor Amy Sopcak-Joseph led the effort. Read more in the following news sources:

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The Times Leader | Feb. 15: Douglass Day event puts Wilkes U. students in touch with history

The Citizens Voice | Feb. 16: Wilkes community participates in transcribe-a-thon

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