Wilkes Prof Reflects on How Prince Philip Shaped the Monarchy

by Web Services

As the Times Leader’s Mark Guydish writers, “Prince Philip’s passing is garnering pomp and ceremony as well as ‘what’s next’ pondering.”

Enter Jonathan Kuiken, associate professor of history and interim director of the honors program at Wilkes University. As a historian of modern Britain, he reflects on the significant contributions of Prince Philip on the Monarch and how that may continue for years to come.

“He really pushed very hard for opening up the image of the royal family, making it more accessible.”

Read the full story in the Times Leader by clicking here: Wilkes prof: Long-lived Philip likely reshaped monarchy

Since joining the Wilkes faculty in 2014, Kuiken has taught courses in European and global history, focusing on themes of geopolitics, economics, energy, and the trade of commodities and ideas. These teaching themes also inform his scholarship which currently concentrates on the completion of his manuscript entitled Empires of Energy: Britain, British Petroleum, Shell and the remaking of the international oil industry, 1957-1983.

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