Wilkes University Junior DeAndre DePass Leads as Programming Board President

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Wilkes University junior DeAndre DePass has earned an unofficial title on campus. 

“They call me the mayor of Wilkes even though I’m from Philly,” explains DePass, a marketing and management major in the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership. “People joke around and say I know everyone… I’m just a social person.”

Being connected to the campus community proved to be an asset to DePass when he was elected Programming Board president for the 2019-2020 academic year.  Programming Board hosts weekly campus events which sometime attract more than 300 attendees. Events include bingo, concerts and more. Leading the board has given him valuable experience.

“Programming Board is more than a club that hosts bingo,” he says. “It will help boost your resume because it will provide you with opportunities and skills that can benefit you in the future.”

DePass acknowledges that it was the enthusiasm of a peer that led him down this path. 

DePass met Wilkes alumna Kya Lewis, class of 2019 as a first-year student. It was then that he realized he wanted to follow in her footsteps by getting involved and being a friendly face on campus. Lewis served two terms leading Programming Board.  “We instantly connected,” DePass explains. “Most people have to find something to talk about, but we instantly bonded.”

Like Lewis, he’s become involved in other campus activities. DePass not only serves as the Programming Board president, he also serves as an e-mentor to first-year students, as the treasurer of the Caribbean Students Association and as Sports Management Club treasurer. 

“It’s always good to stay involved. You get to meet all types of people,” he adds. “The more you get involved and get your name out there, the more opportunities you’ll have.” 

While he does give back to his campus community, DePass also makes time to follow personal goals, such as being a DJ. “I started it my freshman year. My dreams of being a DJ took off in Catlin Hall room 34.” Since then, DePass is booked most weekends, working as a DJ at concerts, shows, clubs, weddings and graduation parties. He even has incorporated it into his on-campus responsibilities, deejaying Multicultural Student Coalition events as well as Casino Night and Homecoming. He had the opportunity to put his skills to the test when Wild ‘n Out cast members came to campus. DePass was asked if he wanted to keep spinning for the entire show. His answer was yes.

When DePass isn’t in class, leading a group or dropping a beat, you can find him at the student development information desk in the Henry Student Center, as the vice-president for the Sports Management Club and taking pictures as the head photographer for the yearbook. In the past, DePass was also an admissions ambassador and worked in Henry’s Food Court. Balancing it all may seem daunting, but DePass knows it’s all possible with the support of his Wilkes family. 

“I chose Wilkes because they offered me a great financial aid package and the business school was great, too,” DePass explains. “I found it easy to double major here, the class sizes were small and faculty members were friendly. It just felt like home to be honest.”

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