Meet Transfer Student Noella Nkamjeu

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National Transfer Student Week is October 21-25, 2019. To celebrate, News@Wilkes met with Colonels across campus who have transferred to Wilkes.

Meet junior business administration and marketing major Noella Nkamjeu.

What’s your hometown?

I was born and raised in Bamenda Cameroon, Central Africa, and currently reside in Mountain Top, Pa.

What was the transfer process like?

Personally I think it was super easy and very fast! Every faculty member involved in the transfer process was extremely reliable, always there when I had concerns and reached out to me in a timely manner with all the information and documents I needed. They updated me regularly on whatever I needed to know and gave me updates every step of the way.

Why did you decide to transfer here?

For several reasons. One, because I’d save money by living at home with my parents. Secondly, the business school is one of the best I know of. And lastly, out of all the schools in the area, Wilkes was the one I was most drawn to. I had never visited the campus before but my intuition led me to apply to Wilkes. It was the only school I applied to.

What are you involved with on campus?

I am a member of WACA (Wilkes African Cultural Association). I am also a member of the hip hop and social media club. In addition to club activities, I just recently got offered a paid internship position at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship. So you are looking at a future Kirby Scholar. I am so excited for this new journey. Not only am I a Kirby scholar, but I am client as well.

What is your biggest piece of advice for a student who is completing the transfer process?

My biggest advice for anyone looking to transfer to Wilkes is respond to your emails because you will receive plenty as they are constantly keeping you updated and requesting documents on your end. Also make sure you get all your credits together from every university you’ve attended and send in your transcripts in a timely manner. Lastly, you do not want to miss orientation! It is very informative–you do not want to miss that! It gives you a clear idea of Wilkes University and everything you may want to get involved with on campus before you start classes. So by the time you start school you will have a clear idea of what you would like to be involved in on campus and how to maneuver.

Was it easy to adjust to the Wilkes campus community?

Personally I think it was easy for me to adjust. I was nervous at first. But like I said, early orientation helped me be ready for what was ahead. Also, I put myself out there and got involved which helped me meet some pretty amazing individuals. Everyone is so involved, enthusiastic and always willing to help with whatever it is you need. It’s like a big community here and people go above and beyond to see that your needs are met and that you feel comfortable. Teachers are always willing to help students in and out of class and also build relationships beyond the classroom.

What’s your favorite spot on campus?

I love the entire campus! But if I had to pick the spots I like, it would be those I frequently visit. One would be the (Henry Student Center) lounge, the second is Farley Library and lastly, I enjoy visiting the POD for an affordable cup of cappuccino on days I can’t seem to wake up! It’s so tasty!

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