Your Future Career is Just a Handshake Away

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Wilkes University’s Center for Career Development and Internships launched a new initiative to help current students and alumni shake hands with potential employers. They don’t even have to leave their desk to do it. In August, Handshake, the largest early talent recruiting platform, was fully launched across campus. News@Wilkes met with Sharon Castano, director of internships and parent programs, to get the inside scoop.

Job network. “It’s the number-one career network for students and alumni,” Castano explains. The platform, which is like a job app, is a database, where employers can post what they’re looking for in a candidate and students can search for positions that interest them all in one location.

Start Early. “It’s important for first-year students to make connections early on with career engagement,” Castano says. By using Handshake, students can utilize the platform from day one as a Wilkes student and see all the opportunities that they’ll have. First-year students actually made their profiles during orientation this summer. “Our events are advertised on Handshake, too,” Castano adds. By being connected, students are intentionally engaged by tailoring their profiles to their majors, minors and career interests. They can also register for events and stay in-the-know on future career fairs.

This is the welcome screen of a users Handshake profile.

Active Membership. Castano encourages students to make their profiles, upload resumes and set their accounts to visible. Currently, 775 employers from all over the country are utilizing the platform and, at the time of this story, 764 positions are posted. That’s a lot of networking opportunities from local organizations to major national employers like NBC and Disney.

It’s like a two-way mirror. While it’s important that students get their profiles up and running so they can look at postings, employers can also look at students. Because the system is based on algorithms to tailor listings, employers can also filter through to see potential candidates.

Stop in! Along with Handshake, Castano and the career and internship team use Instagram and Facebook to keep students engaged with current resources, events and to highlight where Colonels are working.Castano encourages students to come into the Center for Career Development and Internships  to talk about resumes, current postings and other avenues for openings.Because some opportunities are not on Handshake, it’s a good idea to stop at the center.

Sample of the events page on the app.

Not only does Handshake help users find internships and full-time jobs, but it also keeps track of events nearby, like the Internship, Career and Graduate/Professional School Fair. The event will take place on Thursday, Oct. 17 from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. in University Center on Main. During the event, 80-100 employers, as well as 20-30 graduate schools will be at the ready to hear student’s elevator pitch and collect resumes. You can find out more and register for the event right on the Handshake app.

For more information about Handshake, click here.

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