Meet Super Senior Alex Criswell: College of Science & Engineering

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To celebrate the achievements of our soon-to-be graduates, News@Wilkes will highlight stand-out seniors throughout senior week and in the week following commencement.

Alex Criswell

Bachelor of Science, Environmental Engineering

College of Science & Engineering

Hometown: Lancaster, Pa.

Activities and Achievements: Criswell was the lead ambassador at the undergraduate admissions office. He completed research which explored the effects of land development on air quality using geospatial technologies.

Noteworthy: Criswell was recognized for leadership in environmental engineering and earth sciences.

Favorite part of the Wilkes Experience: “All of the wonderful connections I have made through my years at Wilkes.”

Future plans: Criswell will be attending Texas A&M University for his master’s degree in civil engineering with a concentration in water resources engineering.

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