Meet Super Senior Nicholas Fitzpatrick: College of Science & Engineering

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To celebrate the achievements of our soon-to-be graduates, News@Wilkes will highlight stand-out seniors throughout senior week and in the week following commencement.

Nicholas Fitzpatrick

Bachelor of Science, Chemistry

College of Science and Engineering

Hometown: Jenkintown, Pa.

Activities and Achievements: Fitzpatrick has done research with Megan Youmans, assistant professor of chemistry, synthesizing small molybdenum-containing molecules that can be used to mimic the behavior of large complex enzymes like sulfite oxidase. He also was part of a research team with Amy Bradley, associate professor and chair of chemistry, to study why synthetic cannabinoids, which bear little resemblance to natural cannabinoids (substances with psychoactive properties in cannabis), bind so strongly to endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Fitzpatrick attended numerous conferences and national meetings including the American Chemical Society where he has presented on behalf of the Chemistry Club. He has been a teaching assistant for organic chemistry, analytical chemistry and general chemistry labs since his sophomore year.

Noteworthy: Fitzpatrick is president of the Chemistry Club and has established the club as an American Chemical Society Green Chemistry chapter.

Favorite part of the Wilkes experience: “The highlight of my time at Wilkes has been all the research and laboratory experience I have gained. I have had the wonderful opportunity of working on multiple research projects and running various instruments that you would never get to use as an undergraduate at another institution. I feel this experience really prepared me for my graduate education, and gave me a huge advantage over other applicants. I also just truly loved how close-knit the chemistry department is, and how much my professors were invested in both my education at Wilkes and my future as a chemist.”

Future plans: Fitzpatrick will pursue a Ph.D. in organic chemistry at Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

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