Honors Program Director Christine Muller Sheds Light on 9/11

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Christine Muller, director of the honors program and an assistant professor at Wilkes University, was recently featured in the Citizens’ Voice for her expertise on 9/11 studies and a new history course she is teaching this fall.

Muller’s course entitled “Producing the History of 9/11” focuses on the specific day and how history is reported on and produced. Ten students are enrolled in the upper-level course. “We don’t really get into the question of why,” Muller said. “We get into to questions of what happened and how do we know it.”

Muller explains that it is important for students to understand the day from their own perspective, since many were young at the time of the attack. “If they have any memories at all, it’s their parents’ reactions. They don’t have a direct memory,” she explained.

Many of her students have a personal connection to the event, as they are from New Jersey or near the New York metro area. Though, some students are still shocked when learning the specific timeline of events.

“One of the first comments was: I didn’t realize how long it took for this to happen,” Muller said. “The other thing is just how uncertain the journalists were that day.”

To read more, visit https://www.citizensvoice.com/news/teaching-tragedy-wilkes-course-focuses-on-9-11-1.2384188.

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