Pre-med Motivation

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From the time she was in elementary school, Ashley Wojciechowski knew she wanted to be a doctor. Now the Pre-med Scholar with a part-time job in a local ER is well on her way.

Ashley Wojciechowski’s acceptance into Wilkes University’s Pre-medical Scholars Program, which guarantees admission to the Penn State College of Medicine at Hershey, sealed her decision to become a Colonel.

As a Pre-medical Scholar, Wojciechowski must keep her grades up and earn a minimum score on the medical school entrance exam, known as MCAT. But she’ll be spared the uncertainty of applying to medical school as an upperclassman.

The sophomore from Berwick, Pa., carries a full load of courses as a biology major with minors in sociology and neuroscience. She’s a class representative for student government and vice president of the biology club, and she plays piano in the jazz band. As a part-time scribe in the emergency room at nearby Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center, she takes notes and maintains computer records so the doctor or physician’s assistant can focus on patient needs.

Wojciechowski also helps lead Adventures in Science and Women Empowered by Science (WEBS), two Wilkes programs that share the excitement of discovery with elementary and middle school students. Her advisor, Debra Chapman, runs the programs. Chapman is Wojciechowski’s go-to person when she has questions about scheduling classes, wants an extra study session or just needs to de-stress. “I can go to her with anything.

During their first meeting at freshman orientation, Chapman tries to identify her students’ strengths and help find opportunities to hone their skills. “Everybody has a different talent. Everybody has a different strength.

Even so, Chapman shares the same advice with all of her students pursuing the challenging biology major: “It’s a lot of work, and it’s so much easier if you’re doing it for a reason. Be passionate about what you want to do. Find that goal you want more than anything else in the world.”

Wojciechowski takes that message to heart. “My schedule is crazy, but it’s going to be worth it.”

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