WEBS Around Wilkes

by Kelly Clisham

Labs and classrooms across campus were filled with 110 budding biologists, engineers, doctors, pharmacists, geneticists and anthropologists during the annual WEBS (Women Empowered By Science) summer camp hosted from July 24 – 28.

Wilkes faculty and students across the sciences, math, computer science and engineering disciplines joined forces to create a week of exciting and fun lab sessions with the goal of creating interest in STEM studies and inspiring young women to pursue careers in the sciences. Campers from more than 20 local schools spent the week immersed in innovative and fun projects and activities in biology, genetics, robotics, engineering, geology, nutrition, medicine, forensics, archeology and more.

Local media was drawn to the WEBS excitement too. Check it out:

Times Leader


Fox 56

Citizens’ Voice

high school students working at lab tables
“Sea” what campers learn at WEBS? After discovering what sea turtles like to eat, campers used kitchen items and plastic bags to create a sea turtle beak and jellyfish (a favorite turtle meal).
students decorating brain shaped cakes with icing
Campers put their thinking caps on to learn about parts of the brain, then used different colored icing to create a delicious, edible model.
student working at a computer with a small plastic robot next to her on the table
The mission: Program a robot to complete tasks and play games.
sign reading welcome to WEBS
sign reading exploding into science
Sign reading Women Empowered By Science featuring SpiderWoman
Stand up SpiderWoman with a text bubble reading STEMinist

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