Wilkes University Student Nicholas Antolick Awarded Norton Writer’s Prize

by Kelly Clisham

Nicholas Antolick, a junior political science major at Wilkes University, was awarded a 2022 Norton Writer’s Prize for his essay, “Learn to Be Nice: How Aristotle Offers a Solution to Rape Culture.”

Antolick crafted the essay during his fall 2021 English composition class with Mischelle Anthony, associate professor of English. Antolick credits her for suggesting revisions to the piece and encouraging him to enter the national competition. “I am honored to receive the Norton Writer’s Prize,” says Antolick. “I wish to thank Dr. Mischelle Anthony, whose enthusiastic support and guidance have allowed me to exceed my expectations as a writer.”

Anthony noticed Antolick’s outlook and dedication in the first-year class. “I’m so proud of this particular student because of his already-mature perspective on conflict and community.  The topic of his winning essay is evidence of Nick’s remarkable approach to others.  As a first-year student in an English composition course — and a non-humanities major at that! — Nick spoke, listened and wrote thoughtfully all through the class.”

The Norton Writer’s Prize, sponsored by publisher W.W. Norton, recognizes outstanding nonfiction work by students enrolled at two- or four-year colleges. Awarded to three students each year, the national honor includes $1,000 and publication on the Norton website. Regarding Antolick’s work, the contest judges note, “The essay offers a viable solution for addressing the problem of rape culture through the teaching of Aristotle’s social virtues. This essay skillfully connects philosophical ideas to the reality of our everyday lives.”

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