On Track to Becoming a Doctor

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Meet Esther Orlando. A sophomore biology major following the pre-medical track at Wilkes, we asked her a few questions about this exciting health sciences path at Wilkes:

How did you find out about the pre-med track at Wilkes? 

I found out about the pre-med track here at Wilkes during an open house event. Connie Dombroski, the director of the Center for Health Sciences and Student Success, was giving a presentation about the pre-health professional program opportunities students have on campus. 

Have you always wanted to be a doctor? 

No, it was not until about halfway through my senior year of high school when I started to consider that possible career path. It wasn’t until the spring of my freshman year that I decided to commit myself to becoming a doctor.

What interests you about being a doctor? 

I would like to educate the public about how to better help themselves with their health, while providing them with the best care I can give.

Is there a particular field you’d like to pursue as a doctor?

As of right now, I would like to be an OB/GYN.

How easy is it to incorporate the pre-med track into your biology curriculum? 

It is quite easy to incorporate the additional pre-med track courses and commitments into my biology curriculum. Since I am already science-oriented, most of the additional courses are already required for me to take as a biology major. Additional courses such as sociology and biochemistry fit well into my “free elective” space, and actually provide biology students with a chemistry minor as well. 

Do you have to be a biology major in order to go into the pre-med track? 

No, although it is one of the best accommodating majors. You can be almost any major, as long as you fulfill the pre-med track requirements. 

What’s your favorite part of studying the sciences at Wilkes? 

My favorite part is succeeding in all the difficult classes I have taken. The classes at Wilkes challenge me to improve my skills as an academic student, as well as a human being. 

Do you have time for other activities at Wilkes? 

I have plenty of time for other activities! I am part of the Wilkes Berries Ultimate Frisbee team, the Biology Club, Social Media Squad, and I am the Director of Social Events for the Honors Program Student Committee. I also attend various Wilkes events on campus, such as events run by the Programming Board and Honors Program. 

What would you recommend to a student who thinks they might like to go into the pre-med track but isn’t sure? 

I was once in this same position. I would recommend to someone who is considering pursuing the pre-med track to go for it! If you do not like it, there is always time to change to something else. Talking to your advisor or a trusted professor on campus is always a good move as well.

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