Meet Super Senior Seth Platukis: School of Education

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Seth Platukis

Hometown: Weston, Pa.

Bachelor of Arts, Biology and Secondary Education

Activities and Achievements: A dean’s list student, he was the recipient of the Wilkes University Polish Heritage Scholarship. Platukis was active on campus in a variety of activities reflecting his multiple talents. He was an honored speaker at the Teacher Education Program Induction Ceremony. Platukis was a member of the Education Club and served as its treasurer. He also was a member of the Biology Club and served as a lab facilitator for Wilkes’ Women Empowered by Science and Adventures in Science programs, which bring middle school and elementary school students to campus to learn about science. He also participated in the Alternative Spring Break trip to Costa Rica.

Platukis was a photographer for The Beacon, the yearbook and for the University’s Admissions Department. He was founder and curator of the Wilkes Students of Education Instagram Outreach Initiative, a student social media influencer for the University Marketing and Communications Departments influencer pilot program. 

“My favorite part of my Wilkes experience has been discovering and pursuing who I never thought I would be but have always wanted to be. “

Senior Seth Platukis reflecting on his four years at Wilkes

Noteworthy: Platukis was the recipient of the Outstanding Secondary Education Award for the 2020 graduating class. 

Favorite Part of the Wilkes experience: “My favorite part of my Wilkes experience has been discovering and pursuing who I never thought I would be but have always wanted to be. One of the amazing, “untold tales” of Wilkes is the amount and variety of opportunities you can become engaged in during your four or six years as an undergrad. Wilkes has encouraged and challenged me through a plethora of academic and extracurricular environments that have given me the chance to become a true member of the Colonel family. The connections and relationships I have made at Wilkes have created a one-of-a-kind atmosphere that I call my second home, and the place where I feel the best version of myself has been sculpted. The people at Wilkes University are the true representation that is held within the colors of blue and gold, and they are the ones I will miss being with every day. Although this is true, I know that no matter where life takes me, I will always have their support, love, and friendship along the way, and for this, I am forever grateful.” 

Future plans: “As of now, my future plan is to teach biology, general science, or earth and space science in a secondary education environment. I aspire to become involved with my future school as much as possible, potentially assisting in the sports of swimming and water polo along with other extracurriculars such as environmental outreach/preservation and photography.” 

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