Meet The Admissions Team: Cierra Steele, Admissions Counselor

by Web Services

As part of an on-going series introducing campus departments and the people who work there, News@Wilkes looks at members of the Admissions Department. Meet admissions counselor, Cierra Steele. 

What do you do? What I do in my job as an admissions counselor is meet with prospective high school students at high school visits, college fairs, and campus visits to discuss the opportunities available at Wilkes. If they decide to go through the admissions process, I keep in contact with them letting them know where they are at in the process, connect with them to tell them what we are missing from their application, discuss financial aid, and really dig in to see what they want out of their college experience.

Why Wilkes? I went to a large public university where there was absolutely nothing personalized for me. I was simply a number. When coming to Wilkes, I quickly realized I loved the small close-knit family atmosphere. I get to connect with every student who decides to look at Wilkes and that’s awesome. The fact that campus is beautiful and perfectly situated in the downtown area definitely helped as well.

Favorite Spot on Campus? My favorite spot on campus is the Fenner Quad because it’s so open and you’re able to see the heart of campus.

Best college advice for prospective students: You are the author of your own book and you get to determine where this next chapter in life takes you. Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone, get involved, and remember this journey will create some of your favorite memories to reflect on years from now.

Random fun fact about me: I grew up as a military brat so I’ve moved around a lot as a child, and got the opportunity to live in Germany for three years.

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