Welcome Back to the Colonel Journal with Wilkes University Junior Alyssa DuBose

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Have a question about campus happenings? Need advice on commuting to college? Wilkes University junior Alyssa DuBose has you covered as the weekly host of the Colonel Journal.

As a marketing intern with Wilkes’ marketing communications office, the Tannersville, Pa., native combines her classroom experience as a marketing major with her passion for creativity. From idea inception to final product, DuBose has a hand in it all, working under the direction of Patricia DeViva, assistant director of marketing and social media coordinator.

This summer, DuBose is gearing the Colonel Journal to opportunities in research. “We’ve taken a focus on research because there are so many cool things that happen in the summer that most people don’t really know about,” DuBose explains. “The things you may not know at first glance.”

To accomplish that, she’s visited multiple field research locations, including getting a little muddy with the biology department in Nescopeck, Pa.

“My favorite part so far has been to go on site to different places to see things I wouldn’t necessarily see as a business major,” she adds. Even though lab work in the great outdoors is not a common occurrence for many business students, DuBose takes it with stride.  “Some students may want to see this, it may apply to them,” she says, adding, “(I’m) going out and getting the story myself.”

DuBose became interested in producing online content after a spring 2019 internship with LSEO, a digital marketing agency in Wilkes-Barre. She was in charge of matching LSEO clients with bloggers and influencers who may have an interest in that product or service that particular client may provide. Working with affiliate marketing was a learning experience, but she knew she was interested in expanding from analytics.

“When I was doing this internship, I was super interested in the blogs and what they were doing,” DuBose says. “I wished I could do that. Now (with the Colonel Journal) this is moving closer to that side.”

DuBose came prepared to dive into the world of social media content. For the last year, she has worked with the admissions social media team and will return to working with them in the fall. “When I first joined the social media team, I wasn’t sure if it would work out,” she explains. “I tried other clubs but it was hard because I commute and drive an hour home.” But with the support of Kate Thomas, admissions communications specialist, DuBose was able to do it all. “Kate really made it super flexible and sat down with me to go over what I really want to do.”

Finding the balance between her daily commute and campus involvement required time management but was easy with her Wilkes Support system.  “I felt like it was all work, school, work, school. It was hard. But then I found the social media team and it was awesome for me. It’s opened so many doors and let me think about my future differently.”

Now DuBose is building more opportunities for herself. With the goal of participating in Wilkes’ 4+1 MBA program, which allows students to take up to nine credits of MBA courses in the final semester of their senior year, she’s preparing by teaching herself programs such as Adobe Suite to ensure she can market herself to future employers.

Though only entering her junior year, DuBose knows such early planning is key. From her earliest days at Wilkes, she knew that it was all part of the bigger plan. “When I walked on campus I wasn’t lost in the sea of faces. I was connected in a way…I was able to grow more as a person here.”

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