Business Management Student Will Have the Sweetest Summer Ever with Hershey Internship

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Wilkes student Jesus Rios

Sometimes homework assignments can lead to really sweet opportunities. Just ask Jesus Rios, junior Business Management student at the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership. “My professor, Karen Alessi, required our whole personal and professional development class to attend last year’s virtual Career and Internship Fair,” said Rios, ”and that’s where I found out about internships at Hershey Entertainment.” 

After applying for the internship, Rios was excited at the prospect of working for such a large hospitality company. “I knew that spots were limited, so I was super happy when I found out that I was selected,” he said. “This is a huge company and a great first step into my future career path, and it will be a tremendous experience,” he added. 

Rios will be working in the guest experience division in the enviable location of Chocolate World on the Hersheypark campus. What is Rios hoping to accomplish? “I want to put my skills into practice and observe and learn from those I will be with,” he said. “I want not only to build a network but to make real and lasting relationships.” 

He also hopes the Hershey opportunity will make a positive impact on his future plans. “I want to gain a solid academic foundation and great work experience that I can take back to my home country, Panama, and be a person who can contribute to the development of my people,” said Rios.

With over 250 student internships coordinated each year through the Wilkes University Center for Career Development and Internships, Rios recommends that students explore this important, potentially life-changing, benefit. What tips does he have for being chosen for an internship? “Smile, believe in yourself, and share your abilities and the great potential you have to be part of one of their programs,” he explained. “They are looking for students with a desire to learn and grow and that could be you.”

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