Wilkes and Drexel Universities Create Accelerated Law Programs

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Wilkes University and the Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law have entered into an agreement to create two programs that will allow highly motivated students to complete their educations and begin their careers on an accelerated timeline.

Under the 3+3 accelerated program, exceptional students with plans to practice law can apply to the Juris Doctor program at the Kline School of Law during their junior year at Wilkes. This program will allow students to complete both the bachelor’s and J.D. in six years.

Under the 3+1 accelerated program, students who want a deeper understanding of legal issues but don’t plan to practice law can apply to the Kline School’s master of legal studies program during their junior year.

The 30-credit master of legal studies program provides a working knowledge of the law to enhance career opportunities in law enforcement, administration or management in a variety of settings. This program will allow students to complete both the bachelor’s and master’s in four years.

Students in these accelerated programs enroll full time at the Kline School of Law during what would have been their senior year at Wilkes. Their course credits from this year will be applied toward requirements for the Wilkes undergraduate degree, shortening the length of time to complete both of their chosen degrees.

“Establishing a partnership with Drexel University brings together two excellent institutions that can advance the next generation of law professionals,” said Terese Wignot, interim provost and senior vice president at Wilkes University.

“We are excited that Wilkes students will have the opportunity to continue their education at Drexel University’s highly regarded Thomas R. Kline School of Law,” said Kyle Kreider, professor of political science and pre-law advisor at Wilkes. “By counting the credits from their first year of law school toward their Wilkes University degree, students are able to eliminate one year of college tuition and begin their career more quickly.”

Audrey Woods, assistant dean of enrollment management at the Kline School, said, “We are delighted to partner with Wilkes University, which has consistently produced exceptional candidates for our programs. We are so happy to help students save time and money so they can get out there and change the world.”

For more information on the 3+3 bachelor’s/J.D. program or the 3+1 bachelor’s/ master of legal studies program, visit www.wilkes.edu/prelaw.

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