Colonel Kick-Off Commemorates New Spirit Mark

by Web Services

A drumroll please, for the new spirit mark. Wilkes University students, faculty and staff gathered outside of Weckesser Hall on Aug. 29, rallying with the Colonel athletic teams as the new spirit mark was unveiled from the balcony. The mark is a new logo to be used by athletics and other nonacademic activities on campus. Kristen Rock, station manager of campus radio WCLH 90.7 amped the crowed with the #FamilyOfColonels playlist, compiled by members of the campus community who were invited to share some of their favorite tunes. The Marching Colonels drum line provided the actual drum roll for the event.

Representatives from Wilkes athletics teams showed off the new mark on t-shirts. Members of the campus community also celebrated the event with free Wilkes swag including t-shirts, fanny packs, visors and decals.

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