Wilkes University Upward Bound 2019 Graduation

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Pictured above is the Upward Bound Class of 2019, front row, left to right, Van Bui, GAR; Johanna Kiska, Dallas Area; Allison Lecitshon, Pittston Area; Nancy Andrade, Meyers; Samantha Levy, GAR; Gladynette Hernandez, Wyoming Valley West; Emily Arroyo-Mejia, Meyers; Aliyah Becker, Crestwood; Samantha Nay, Hanover Area; Alexis Colon, Pittston Area; Ngoc Quynh Bui Nguyen, GAR; Jennifer Ajao, GAR; Magaly Martinez, GAR; Yamile Nieves Santana, Nanticoke Area; Emily Yaksima, Nanticoke Area; Alyssa Hannon, Hanover Area; and  Nathan Searfoss, Coughlin.

Middle row, left to right, Brandon Valdez, Wyoming Valley West; Imani Keating, Pittston Area; Paige Hall, GAR; Stephanie Chaga, Lake Lehman; Alexandra McHale, Holy Redeemer; Julia Graziano, Hanover Area; Maria Perez, Coughlin; Brianna Murphy, Pittston Area; Keina Faltz, Holy Redeemer; Emily Nguyen, Holy Redeemer; Shiann Parsons, Nanticoke Area; Tanisha Atherton, Hanover Area; Angelina White, Lake Lehman; Nora St. Clair, PA Virtual; Samantha Boice, Hanover Area; and Elijah Hollis, GAR.

Back row, left to right, Rafael Amigon, GAR; Aaron Gutierrez, Wyoming Valley West; Daniel Perez, GAR; Angel Balbuena, Coughlin; and Gabriel Albertelli, Coughlin.

Absent from photo: Liam Carcieri, Nanticoke Area

The Wilkes University Upward Bound Program graduated 39 students at its 2019 graduation on May 2. The ceremony was held in the Dorothy Dickson Darte Center for the Performing Arts. The three-year federally funded program is designed to prepare eligible high school students for success in post-secondary education.

Jonathan Ference, Wilkes University associate provost, welcomed the graduates.

There were six student awards presented at the graduation.

  • Academic Award: Emily Nguyen, Holy Redeemer
  • Alumni Award: Julia Graziano, Hanover Area
  • Student of the Year Award: Liam Carcieri, Nanticoke Area
  • Service Award: Keiana Faltx, Holy Redeemer
  • Progress Award: Nathan Searfoss, Coughlin
  • Perfect Attendance Award: Daniel Perez, GAR; Aaron Gutierrez, Wyoming Valley West; and Angel Balbeuna, Coughlin

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