Wilkes University Faculty and Staff Receive New President’s Awards for Excellence

by Web Services

Five Wilkes University faculty and staff members were presented with new cross-university awards called the President’s Awards for Excellence during Wilkes University’s fall convocation on Aug. 24. President Patrick Leahy conferred the awards, which promote and celebrate the University’s five core values: scholarship, innovation, community, mentoring and diversity. The convocation and awards marked the start of a new school year.

Michael Steele, professor of biology, was the recipient of the President’s Award for Excellence in Scholarship, for his efforts in advancing knowledge through discovery and research to better educate students.

John Carlin, director of network and technology infrastructure, garnered the President’s Award for Innovation, for his efforts in promoting programs, ideas and sustainable practices as they relate to rebuilding a computer network in unheralded ways.

Addy Malatesta, director of athletics, took home the President’s Award for Community, for her efforts in appreciating and collaborating with mutual respect to foster a sense of belonging on campus.

Lt. Col. Mark Kaster, lecturer in environmental engineering and earth science and veterans counselor, received the President’s Award for Mentoring, for his efforts in nurturing individuals to understand and act on their abilities while challenging them to achieve great things.

Helen Davis, associate professor of English, took home the President’s Award for Diversity, for her efforts in embracing differences and uniqueness through sincerity, awareness, inclusion and sensitivity.

University faculty or staff members could nominate anyone in the Wilkes community who embodied the spirit of each value. The nominations were shared with senior administration for feedback, with the final decision determined by the president. 

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